An Economist's Review

A student-led journal: Economics & Finance


An Economist’s Review is an online journal that provides a guide to fascinating ideas and theories that arise from all corners of the Economics spectrum.

It aims to promote critical thinking, evaluative conclusions and passion for a subject that links to our daily lives. By connecting this journal to complement school learning, it hopes to go beyond the syllabus and introduce engaging new concepts.

An Economist’s Review also provides brief summary posts about the key definitions (Basic Concepts) in the AS Level Course and posts tagged as “succinct breakdown” which refer to summarised points expressed during class debates/interesting finds. 

The journal was created and edited by Andrea Fernandes, a current A Level Economics student who plans to pursue a degree in Economics. Her passion towards both Economics and Business- Finance over the years, has inspired her to create a platform that shares and debates the interesting findings she has come across.

Call for Submissions:

An Economist’s Review is currently accepting articles/opinion paragraphs from high school or 6th form students around the world who are keen to contribute and explore Economic content. The articles can be varied and on any topic vaguely related to economics from an informative evaluation of the monetary policy to how opportunity cost affects our lunch decisions.


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